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Introducing: The World As You’ll Know It

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Transcript for Trailer:

The pandemic has caused an immeasurable loss of lives and livelihoods. It has shut down economies and forced billions of us to change the way we live.

But in the midst of the upheaval a new future is being etched out. In everyday decisions like whether we decide to ride a bike or take the bus, and in bigger ones, like whether countries decide to take on more debt, or not.

“The World As You’ll Know It” is a new podcast about how these decisions could play out. Five, in-depth conversations between journalists and experts on how Covid might change the nature of work, cities, higher education and the economy.

You will hear from Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change:

We have not liberated ourselves from the chains of the past to say we can create a very different future. Let our imagination fly. And then follow that with action.

And David Autor, Ford Professor of Economics at MIT:

We are going to transition in my opinion, into a period of too few low wage jobs.

And Jared Bernstein, who was the Chief Economist and Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama Administration:

Last time the debt to GDP ratio was 106% was when we were fighting fascism in the 1940s. And now we're fighting a microbe. Those are different things, but they're both expensive to fight. And they're both existential threats to our country and must be fought.

"The World As You’ll Know It," is a new podcast from the Aventine Research Institute, launching this fall.



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