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Conversations About the World After Covid-19

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The first episode of "The World As You'll Know It" is a conversation about the future of climate change with David Wallace-Wells and Christiana Figueres.

Over the past decade we have found ourselves adjusting to a new normal of accelerating change – to the environment we live in, to the technologies we use, to the ways we consume and communicate, even to the way we think. We adapt, or try to, and our collective adjustments create additional ripples of change.

This call and response – between seismic shifts and ground-level reaction to them – is at the root of what Aventine wants to explore and illuminate.

Often, our collective response to these shifts is not even conscious; changes creep in without the need for concrete decisions. When smartphones became part of our lives we didn't decide to give up physical maps or taxis; our habits simply shifted. At other times – with erratic weather or the automation of certain jobs – the new reality is unwanted and we find ourselves scrambling to adjust.

But Covid-19 has created disruption of a different magnitude. It has collapsed the cycle of cause and effect into hours and days, forcing us to witness and immediately reckon with the consequences of our decisions and actions.

The pandemic has caused immeasurable loss – of lives, livelihoods, education and countless habits of daily life. But it has also forced a giant global reset. The vulnerabilities and inequities inherent in basic infrastructures – from supply chains to schools to transportation and health-care systems – have been laid bare. The evolution of certain industries and technologies has likely been accelerated by years. And our minds have been opened up to new ideas and possibilities even as we find ourselves headed into an entirely uncertain future.

In short, history is moving fast, but we’re living in a moment of great opportunity to shape it. With this podcast we hope to illuminate some of the momentous decisions in play and explore where various outcomes might lead.

Please join us on this journey.

Danielle Mattoon
Executive Director, Aventine



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